Valuable Screening for Expectant Parents

Carrier screening is testing used to determine if a person is a carrier of a severe genetic disorder that can be pass on to their children. Carrier screening may be helpful to patients who are planning a pregnancy or already pregnant, those who have a history of a genetic disorder, those who are at increased risk for a specific disorder based on ethnicity, or for those patients who would like to have additional information about their reproductive risks.

Medical Societies statements on Carrier Screening

ACOG…information about genetic carrier screening should be provided to every pregnant women.1 All types of carrier screening (ethnic-specific, panethnic, expanded panel) are acceptable strategies for pre-pregnancy and prenatal carrier screening.2

1. ACOG Committee Opinion #691 Carrier Screening for Genetic Conditions March 2017 2. ACOG Committee Opinion #690 Carrier Screening in the Age of Genomics Medicine March 2017